Welcome to the Genuine, Deluxe
Original Corndog Festival

For a number of years (1998 - at least 2005 )this was the official website for the annual The Corndog Festival.
Content is from the site's 2003 -2005 archived pages.
Enjoy the nostalgic look back!

FYI: The corn dog’s birthplace may be disputed among gastronomists, but there is no denying that the corny dog, as the fried delicacy is known in these here parts, made its first appearance at the State Fair of Texas.

Welcome to the Genuine, Deluxe Original Corndog Festival.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!!

Sure, everybody that comes to The Festival knows it's a great time. No question about it. But there are still a few people that haven't attended the festivities. So it's nice to see the Festival getting publicity. And it's garnering more and more notice all the time.

The Corndog Festival has gotten so much positive response from the press, both here and abroad, that we decided to create a new section of the site to blow our own trumpet. Well, that's sorta what the entire site is about, but here we include what others have said and thought of our efforts.

Also included here is a list of previous sponsors, and a list of some of our judges and other credits for those who have helped make The Festival such a great success. Thanks to everybody who has attended and those who have helped contribute to all the fun and success!!!

Corndogs. Yeah, don't play dumb, you know what I'm talkin' about.

We all love 'em. We all admire 'em. Yeah, we could all do without 'em, but why? They mean so much to us, and ask so little.

Sure, it's a love/hate relation. I've seen kids crying to their mamas in the grocery store for 'em. I've seen dames carrying 'em around in their purses at fancy boutiques. I've even seen guys polishing 'em like a nice chrome revolver. Well, maybe not that last one.... But I tell ya, everything you do, everywhere you go, has all been influenced by corndogs in some way or another. You don't believe me? Why should you? Well, if you put your finger on the button ahead, I'll show you all the evidence I've collected to support my latest case. You'll see. You'll enjoy.

Some people say, "The Corndog Festival? Hey, it's just another party." But is it? I've seen things that'll make you think different about it all. I did my part. Now you be the judge....

-- Frank Batter

Corndog Detective



Less than a week to go!!

The 11th Annual Corndog Festival is this Saturday

October 1, 2005

at The Lakewood Theater and Historic District, in the beautiful downtown of Lakewood, Dallas, Texas.

Tickets are on sale now thru Ticketmaster
or directly thru the Corndog Festival PayPal account.
Also available at the door the night of the CornBall.

 The Eleventh Annual celebration will kick off at 3:00 in the afternoon with a free street festival in the Lakewood Shopping Center. Activities include several bands and "The Tot Spot," a corndog styling clinic & games booth which will keep the younger fans busy decorating corndogs, competing for the Junior Styling Competition. Lakewood area merchants will have sidewalk sales, and other vendors will have booths set up for more variety. And don't dare miss the Doggie Style Pet Parade, with the Master of Ceremonies: Rawlins Gilliland (NPR commentator and former National Endowment for the Humanities Poet-in-Residence)!!! You can enter your pooch in the parade, and a veritable dachshund, er, wiener dog, stampede will be the feature attraction of the afternoon event! 

It'll be bigger and better than ever! The event will include fabulous food, a street festival, a parade, entertainment and of course the world famous Corndog Styling Contest.

The fun continues into the evening with the Cornball at the Lakewood Theater (doors open at 8:00 pm). Artistic expression explodes with the Corndog Styling Contest judged by celebrity judges, including hair & fashion stylist Tony Fielding, Dallas City Councilwoman Angela Hunt, Ft.Worth Modern Art Museum Executive Chef Dena Peterson, home furnishings gallery owner and art connoisseur George Cameron Nash, and others. Past wieners include Le Corndaug Blue Academie, Vincent Van Dough, and The Texas Corndog Massacre, just to name a few. The night will also include a Corndog Boutique (complete with the latest haute dog couture), a silent auction, fabulous food from various vendors, music, dancing, and the Styling Contest Awards Ceremony.

More fun than you can shake a stick at!

We are pleased to announce a partial list of this year's sponsors and participants including:
Carrabba's Italian Grill
Cantina Laredo
Fusion Restarant
Greenville Avenue B&G
Tucker Restarant
Super Suppers
DJ Deluxe
Arm Hole
Body of Sun
Dallas Darkroom
Skipping Stone Studio
and we will be announcing others soon.

So tell all your friends and family! It's a full day of great events in the Lakewood district, and another superb, stupendous night out on the town and a perfect excuse to put on your State Fair formal attire and celebrate the glorious existence of our favorite things in life, the humble, golden brown triumph known as the corndog.


The grand attraction to the annual Corndog Festival is, without a doubt, the glorious Corndog Styling Competition. Every year there are many incredible entries, with our panel of judges doing their very best to commend the outstanding entrants with fabulous prizes.

All those who enter are eligible to win. And of course you can have as many entries as you can think of – there is no limit, and there is no fee to enter! Often, the judges award the prizes to the idea behind the entry, not just the quality of the final execution. So the contest is open to everybody to win!

We know you will enjoy taking a few minutes to look at the ingenuity and creativity on display from these contest entries from the past several years.

2005 Styling Competition



The latest and Greatest Corndog Styling Competition Winners!





by Judy Moxley






by Rachel Jones



"Dog the Bounty Hunter"

by Stephanie Hoffman and Mahesh Brown




by Felecia Wilson




"Corn Meal"

by Theo & Marci Weissenborn



"Kill Dog"

by Diego Brown and Dana Holland



"Psycho Dog"

by Melanie Goodwin




"Mean Dogs"

by Genna Williams


"Napoleon Doggymite"

by Han Cao and Susan Hutchison


"Louis Vuitton Knock-Off"

by Pamela Wood



Thanks to everybody that came to this year's Corndog Festival and Cornival. It was a lot of fun.

We now have photos of the Festival for everybody to see.

Check out the newest Styling and Scene photos! 

Here are just a few pictures from the Cornival and Parades


Revved up and ready to Parade!


The King and Queen of the Weiner Dogs



A few photos from the CornBall



Don't forget that throughout the year you can still get the goodies that commemorate this very special Festival. Several styles of shirts, drink coolers, posters, earrings, jackets, and more.



What can be said about the 2004 Corndog Festival except:


It was an incredible evening. There were over 500 people having a great time at the Lakewood Theater, our largest turnout so far. Over 50 outstanding entries for the Corndog Styling Contest, great music from Robin Bank$ Band, dancing, laughing, and an absolutely great time had by everybody. A true evening of delicious Corn Ball fun!

Be sure to catch the segment produced by Al Roker On The Road on the Food Channel. It airs January 8 at 6:30 (Central Time)

We want to thank each and every corndog lover who joined us in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Festival. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! (times 1000)

We also want to thank our contributors.

There were tons of corn dogs and hot dogs from our friends at Wienerschnitzel. And there was also great food from Carrabba's Italian Grill, The Alligator Cafe, Katz's Deli, Dallas Affaires Cakes, and Summer Snow Snowcones.

We have some great shots of the 2004 Styling Competition entries and also pictures of the CornBall in The Scene. We will post many more photos as soon as we can, so stay tuned to your only source for Genuine, Deluxe Original Corndog Festival updates.




The 2003 Corndog Festival was another big success. Lots of people came and had a swell time eating corndogs, dancing to the Corny Tones, and seeing the decorated corndogs! There were some incredible entries to the world famous Corndog Styling Competition again this year. It seems each year the entries get better and better.

We will post the photos as soon as we can. Please check this website again in a few days.

Also, just to let you in on the secret, we are already working on plans for next year's Festival. We can't divulge any details yet, since there aren't any firm details to tell. But as you know, dear corndog fans, 2004 will be the 10th annual Corndog Festival! That's right, Ten Big Years. So, naturally, it will be a VERY SPECIAL EVENT.

I suggest everybody bookmark this, your favorite and only meaningful website, and tune in often for updates regarding the 2004 Festival. The date may change slightly, so watch here for info. And this time I promise to totally renew the entire site. Really. So if you have any photos from WAY back, send me an email to tell me what you have.

Congratulations, wise guy. You made it to the good stuff. The big, golden, batter-dipped heart of this website. There ain't nothing better.

That's right: Dig in and see photos of winners and entries to the Styling Contest. We've arranged it by year to make it easy on you, since you must be tired after seeing all the other content in this place. So just click the year you want to view and enjoy!

This year we are pleased to bring back The Corny Tones! Be sure to see them belt out some great roadhouse blues on Ozona's outdoor patio.


The Corny Tones making a point about the superiority of corndogs over plain old hot dogs....




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